Haiti Mission Group February 2020

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Karen McMillan
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August 26, 2019 to February 28, 2020
St Louis Du Nord, Haiti
Global Missions help make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of people in Haiti.

How exciting would it be if, instead of feeding orphans and providing them with some level of schooling, we trained their Haitian parents in locally marketable skills that break the generational cycle of poverty and provide hope for financial independence and family restoration? Beyond Relief International Ministries, Inc., was born in late 2010 out of a desire to do just that. Many organizations provide relief in many forms to people in Haiti, but we knew that something that went beyond relief was needed to make lasting change. How could we provide financial independence and family restoration in the poorest country in the western hemisphere where fully 80% of country’s 300,000 orphan children have at least one living parent who has given them up due to financial hardship?

Beyond Relief strives to give a hand up, not a handout. Our objectives include: (1) providing the opportunity to earn a good, sustainable income that leads to better quality of life, (2) equipping young adults to work for others or start their own businesses, (3) combatting the high unemployment rate in the area, (4) reducing the number of children sent to orphanages, (5) teaching skills that will last a lifetime and even create a generational ripple effect – students can teach their children their trade and the value of working for a living. 

Young Haitian adults receive professional training in art, computer, electricity, English, plumbing, sewing, or tiling. Beyond Relief is very intentional about ensuring that the courses being offered will lead to income-earning opportunities. We sincerely want to enable our students to re-shape their future and change their lives forever. All classes are taught in the local language, Haitian Creole, by Haitians who are professionals in their field. By far most of the training is hands-on and the students often get the chance to participate in jobs with their teacher.

Beyond Relief is striving to be a good member of the community that surrounds the school facility. We hope to provide clean water via new water well later in 2019. When short term missionaries visit the school we have been able to provide health care training and products (soap, shampoo, skin cream, antibiotic cream), vacation Bible school for the children, and assist with some of the student's classroom training.